Features Available With Race
JEE ADVANCED Exam Analyser
Details on Exam, Syllabus, Exam Analysis, Cut offs and more
JEE ADVANCED Question Bank with Self Assessor
More than 50000 questions subjectwise, topicwise, chapterwise with facilty to create your own test based of parameters. More than 7000 keywords/keyconcepts to create self tests
JEE ADVANCED Exam Specific Topic Simulator
More than 500 Unit Wise, Topic Wise, Chapter Wise Tests exclusively for IITJEE
JEE ADVANCED Mock Tests with Test Simulator
20 complete mock tests (Paper I & II) and 60 section wise mock tests ((Paper I & II)
JEE ADVANCED Report and Analytics
Test History for each attempted test with individual analytics
JEE ADVANCED Comparative Study
JEE ADVANCED Mock Tests taken are compared with Toppers and Average Students
Number of JEE ADVANCED Test Per Day (18 Tests)
Self Assessor - 6 Tests, Topic Simulator - 6 Tests and Test Simulator/Mock Tests - 6 Tests